Ataia is a singer-songwriter (and occasional freestyle rapper) out of Los Angeles, CA. She finds inspiration for her own music in various genres, ranging from pop and hip hop to trap and bass; basically, if Benny Blanco and Halsey had a baby, it would be Ataia. Growing up in the rougher parts of Maryland and New York, Ataia turned to music to express herself. Her father, a musician himself, taught her all that she's come to know about music and its healing powers; having endured much in her 20 something years of life, the one thing Ataia knows without a shadow of a doubt is that music can help bring light to people's lives. And, that is exactly her goal with her own music: bring light to people's lives through music and lyrics that they can relate to. Her first single, "Couch", does just that. Calling out to all the introverts in the world who would much rather relax at home reading a good book on a Saturday night than go out on the town and socialize with people they don't even like, the song preaches the inner thoughts of every person who's ever just wanted to go the f*ck home. "Couch" is out now.