Ataia is a pop artist and singer-songwriter based in Los Angeles, CA. Born in the rougher parts of New York, she grew up in Maryland and Nashville, TN. Along the way, the young songstress learned her craft and kept only the best recipes to write songs that capture the vibe of the moment while telling stories that remain universal.

Her sound and lyrical depth are reminiscent of some of today’s most revered artists including Khalid, Maggie Lindemann or Alessia Cara. She finds inspiration for her own music in various genres, ranging from pop and hip hop to trap and bass; basically, if Benny Blanco and Halsey had a baby, it would be Ataia.


Passionate about mental health and suicide awareness as well as drug prevention, she has experienced loss and healing, both sources of inspiration for her music. Her determination to speak up and focus on real issues while creating songs that are instantly recognizable make her stand out from the crowd. Ataia may be young but she is already proving her value as a dedicated writer and woman of substance.

Her father, a musician himself, taught her all that she's come to know about music and its healing powers; having endured much in her 20 something years of life, the one thing Ataia knows without a shadow of a doubt is that music can help bring healing and joy to people's lives. And that is exactly her goal: bring light to people's lives through music and lyrics that we can all relate to.


Her new single "Boy Bands" is out now.